PMMA inspection

This video shows an electronic scanning of a PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate also called acrylic glass) plate using the flaw detector GEKKO, a 5 Mhz probe by Imasonic and the Bras […]

Composites inspection

 GEKKO is the only portable unit compatible with 3-axis scanners making it possible to use with mouse type scanner for very fast scanning of large plates.This video shows how to […]

composites inspection phased array UT NDT

Aircraft component inspection

Effect of the aperture on the SNR Let’s look at the detection of a fatigue crack (roughly a triangular shape 2-mm side) initiated at the borehole of a titanium beta […]

Fastener-hole inspection in pitch-catch mode

In the aerospace industry, detecting the cracks that sometimes develop around fastener holes is a major issue for aircraft maintenance and life extension. Parts undergoing inspection are usually made of […]

Fastener-hole inspection in pulse-echo mode

Fastener-hole inspection in pulse-echo modeThe goal of the work was to use simulation in order to determine the resolution capabilities of a “daisy” probe used for the inspection of fastener […]

Stiffener inspection using a linear phased array

Stiffener inspection using a linear phased arrayCrack detection in T-section stiffeners is a recurrent problem for aircraft manufacturers. In most cases, access to the stiffener is not easy and the […]

Thick-plate inspection

Thick-plate inspection The inspection of thick plates of large dimensions is a productivity challenge. While satisfying high-resolution requirements for defect detection and sizing (AA class, aerospace grade), the inspection speed […]

Stringer radius (using SAUL)

The SAUL technique enables the transmission of an incident wave-front parallel to any complex surface. One specimen presenting variable geometries (flat, concave or convex surfaces) can be entirely controlled using […]