FMC data analysis with the Gekko and CIVA Analysis

By Frederic Reverdy, M2M Product Sales Specialist at Eddyfi Technologies FMC data analysis with the Gekko and CIVA Analysis The Gekko and the Mantis are portable phased-array units that offer real-time TFM […]

Pitting detection with TFM and MANTIS

Here is a comparison of a linear scanning using 8 elements focused close to the backwall and a TFM using 64 elements with 5L64 probe. The gain is set to […]

Bearing Ring Testing

©KD Zone without defects, Sound path approx 120 mm   Zone with 0.5 mm FBH (depth 0.5 mm) on flat back wall Indication of 0.5 mm FBH near curved back […]

Offshore Wind Power T-joint construction weld

Application of TFM for defect sizing in welded joints. These below pictures show T-joints at the offshore windmill construction. The material thickness to inspect is 40 mm to 60 mm. Here […]

Austenitic welds

Ultrasonic inspection of austenitic welds is qualified for in-service inspection since beginning of 2000’s. Implementation of the solution based on the GEKKO associated to DMA probe makes work easier and […]

PAUT T-joint inspection

CRACK DETECTION IN A T-JOINT   Crack detection in a T-joint using GEKKO. We are looking at a 5-mm under-bead crack in one of the fillets. The probe is positioned […]

Inconel weld-inspection

Using Total Focusing Method (TFM) for the inspection of inconel weld, a extended vizualisation area is obtained. Defects are detected close to the top and bottom surfaces. ©Karl Deutsch

PMMA inspection

This video shows an electronic scanning of a PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate also called acrylic glass) plate using the flaw detector GEKKO, a 5 Mhz probe by Imasonic and the Bras […]

Small diameter pipe inspection

In this case, a cylindrical reconstruction is being done for small diameter pipe inspection using sizing with corner effect mode (TTT) for better defect sizing. Both TFM technique and sectorial […]