Pitting detection with TFM and MANTIS

Here is a comparison of a linear scanning using 8 elements focused close to the backwall and a TFM using 64 elements with 5L64 probe. The gain is set to […]

Offshore Wind Power T-joint construction weld

Application of TFM for defect sizing in welded joints. These below pictures show T-joints at the offshore windmill construction. The material thickness to inspect is 40 mm to 60 mm. Here […]

Austenitic welds

Ultrasonic inspection of austenitic welds is qualified for in-service inspection since beginning of 2000’s. Implementation of the solution based on the GEKKO associated to DMA probe makes work easier and […]

PAUT T-joint inspection

CRACK DETECTION IN A T-JOINT   Crack detection in a T-joint using GEKKO. We are looking at a 5-mm under-bead crack in one of the fillets. The probe is positioned […]

Inconel weld-inspection

Using Total Focusing Method (TFM) for the inspection of inconel weld, a extended vizualisation area is obtained. Defects are detected close to the top and bottom surfaces. ©Karl Deutsch

PMMA inspection

This video shows an electronic scanning of a PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate also called acrylic glass) plate using the flaw detector GEKKO, a 5 Mhz probe by Imasonic and the Bras […]

Small diameter pipe inspection

In this case, a cylindrical reconstruction is being done for small diameter pipe inspection using sizing with corner effect mode (TTT) for better defect sizing. Both TFM technique and sectorial […]

Weld inspection

This article shows a video of a multi-group weld inspection, using 2 phased-array and a pair of TOFD probes. With a PRF up to 20 kHZ and the streamlined CAPTURE […]

High temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA)

HTHA damage is detected using AUBT method (Advanced Ultrasonic Backscattering Technique) that evaluates the frequency and velocity dependence to a non-damaged area This technique requires skillful operators to recognize backscatter […]