Power Generation

Pitting detection with TFM and MANTIS

Here is a comparison of a linear scanning using 8 elements focused close to the backwall and a TFM using 64 elements with 5L64 probe. The gain is set to […]

Offshore Wind Power T-joint construction weld

Application of TFM for defect sizing in welded joints. These below pictures show T-joints at the offshore windmill construction. The material thickness to inspect is 40 mm to 60 mm. Here […]

Small diameter pipe inspection

In this case, a cylindrical reconstruction is being done for small diameter pipe inspection using sizing with corner effect mode (TTT) for better defect sizing. Both TFM technique and sectorial […]

Weld inspection

This article shows a video of a multi-group weld inspection, using 2 phased-array and a pair of TOFD probes. With a PRF up to 20 kHZ and the streamlined CAPTURE […]

Elliptical notches

True imaging of 2-mm elliptical fatigue crack- Sizing of defects possible even without a diffraction signal- True-shape imaging of defects

Skewed defects detection

Use of matrix probe with sectorial scanning along various planes perfect for the detection of skewed defects.        

Boiler tube inspection

GEKKO can use scanners for boiler tube inspection and use two 32-element PA for the inspection from both sides. GEKKO can go up to 20 MHz and thus inspect thinner walls.

Blade root inspection with half-skip TFM

TFM and superimposition of a CAD file to ease the inspection diagnostic. The inspection has been carried using a 5 MHz probe of 64 elements, a pitch of 0.6mm and […]

Turbine inspection

This example of a tree root blade shows that geometry echoes are present and the CAD overlay makes interpretation easier. With GEKKO equipment, it is possible to import 2D CAD […]

Screw thread inspection

27-mm long screw thread inspection with TFM technique. Optimal resolution is obtained along the thread. Probe: PA, 5 MHz, 64 elements and a Pitch of 1.8mm. ©Karl Deutsch

Polyethylene weld inspection using TFM

Guillaume Neau, VP sales M2M products at Eddyfi Technologies, explaining the TFM imaging of a polyethylene weld inspection, using a 2MHz probe and the GEKKO. Sharing credits Byron Rubio Godoy 

Nozzle-to-pipe inspection from the nozzle side

By Frederic Reverdy, M2M Product Sales Specialist at Eddyfi Technologies A while back we posted an article showing the application developed for Capture (GEKKO and MANTIS software) for the inspection of nozzle-to-pipe […]

Inspection of a small nozzle with GEKKO

By Frédéric REVERDY, Business Development Manager in M2M We looked at a small nozzle (1″ diameter) with a 5L16 small foot print phased-array probe. The nozzle was too small to […]

Surface breaking crack characterization with TFM

By Frédéric REVERDY, Business Development Manager in M2M A while back I had a post about surface breaking crack characterization using TFM on calibrated notches (read here). This post showed […]

Surface breaking crack characterization with TFM

Nozzle inspection on GEKKO

By Frédéric REVERDY, Business Development Manager in M2M Ultrasonic Inspection of nozzles has always been a challenge due to the geometrical complexity of the component, the changing surface curvature and […]

Thick boiler tube inspection

 Thick boiler tube application (150 mm), sizing of small defects (1.5 mm).64-element aperture allows to focus the beam and see the tip diffraction.  

Corrosion mapping improvement

(Portuguese version only) Avanço da monitoração da corrosão pela técnica ultrassônica phased array FMC/TFM   SINOPSE A contínua monitoração do estado da corrosão presente em equipamentos do setor óleo e […]