Pitting detection with TFM and MANTIS

Here is a comparison of a linear scanning using 8 elements focused close to the backwall and a TFM using 64 elements with 5L64 probe. The gain is set to […]

PMMA inspection

This video shows an electronic scanning of a PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate also called acrylic glass) plate using the flaw detector GEKKO, a 5 Mhz probe by Imasonic and the Bras […]

Wheel inspection

Detection of small defects in wheels for railway applications.

Weld inspection in a rail

Sizing of the HAZ zone to determine the quality of the weld. Using a large aperture (64 elements) and a high gain it is possible to see the shape of […]

Solid Railway Axle inspection

With an aperture of 64 elements and a customized wedge, GEKKO can focus the energy farther in the component and detect smaller defects along the axle compared to 16 or […]

Screw thread inspection

27-mm long screw thread inspection with TFM technique. Optimal resolution is obtained along the thread. Probe: PA, 5 MHz, 64 elements and a Pitch of 1.8mm. ©Karl Deutsch

Surface breaking crack characterization with TFM

By Frédéric REVERDY, Business Development Manager in M2M A while back I had a post about surface breaking crack characterization using TFM on calibrated notches (read here). This post showed […]

Surface breaking crack characterization with TFM

Stiffener inspection using a linear phased array

Stiffener inspection using a linear phased arrayCrack detection in T-section stiffeners is a recurrent problem for aircraft manufacturers. In most cases, access to the stiffener is not easy and the […]