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FMC data analysis with the Gekko and CIVA Analysis
By Frederic Reverdy, M2M Product Sales Specialist at Eddyfi Technologies FMC data analysis with the Gekko and CIVA Analysis The Gekko and
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Pitting detection with TFM and MANTIS
Here is a comparison of a linear scanning using 8 elements focused close to the backwall and a TFM using
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Bearing Ring Testing
©KD Zone without defects, Sound path approx 120 mm   Zone with 0.5 mm FBH (depth 0.5 mm) on flat
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Casting Test
Shrink Hole Indication ©KD
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Offshore Wind Power T-joint construction weld
Application of TFM for defect sizing in welded joints. These below pictures show T-joints at the offshore windmill construction. The material
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Austenitic welds
Ultrasonic inspection of austenitic welds is qualified for in-service inspection since beginning of 2000’s. Implementation of the solution based on
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PMMA inspection with Bras Matryx and GEKKO ©M2M China

Real time imaging TFM on GEKKO

Corrosion detection and measurement improvement using advanced ultrasonic tools ©M2M - IS