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Portable phased-array ultrasonic flaw detector




flaw detector GEKKO brochure



TFM / E-scan comparison on Corrosion with GEKKO

This video shows a corrosion mapping inspection using a manual scanner and real-time Total Focusing Method. Then it compares TFM and Electronic scanning for differents defects in corrosion, using the same probe position.

3-axis encoded nozzle inspection using GEKKO

With the possibility to define nozzle type geometries on-board, the GEKKO can be used for 3-axis encoded nozzle inspections. Sscan images superimposed on the Cross-section overlays of the nozzle are calculated as the operator moves the probes.

Composite inspection using 3-axis encoded scanner

The Gekko is the only portable unit compatible with 3-axis scanners making it possible to use with mouse type scanner for very fast scanning of large plates.

Made for field

GEKKO is the ideal flaw detector for harsh environments. With reinforced elastomers and its mechanical characteristics, GEKKO is conformed to the MIL-STD-810G standard.
Flaw detector GEKKO is IP 66 allowing an operator to use it in rainy and dusty environments. GEKKO supports extreme weather conditions. With operating temperatures ranging from -10°C to 45°C and a storage temperature range from -10 to 60°C with battery, GEKKO deals with the roughest conditions.



Real-time Total Focusing Method on GEKKO

HIGH-RESOLUTION for Corrosion Mapping using TFM

Corrosion mapping on flaw detector GEKKO, using real-time Total Focusing Method (TFM) :
- Reduced dead zone: corrosion detection less than 1mm from the front surface
- Less than 1-mm pitting detection


Advanced phased array techniques for industrial applications

The Adaptive Total Focusing Method on GEKKO



Portable PAUT for high-performance defect detection and characterization