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M2M has been providing phased-array systems to integrators since 2004. Today, over 200 special machines integrating M2M systems have been delivered and commissioned all over the world. Because integrating phased-array systems is never easy the first time, M2M industrial department is here to help and has people with more than 20 years of experience with integration.

M2M has developed a comprehensive suite of toolkits for integrators. Two levels of integrations are available:

- The SDK which is a high-level Ethernet based dialog.

- The OEM: the dynamic-link libraries (dlls) are provided. This is the concept for integrators targeting large markets (15+ systems).






The first solution is the easiest but still powerful enough to perform all NDT operations. Using M2M Software Development Kit (SDK) allows the development of custom applications and to control M2M software through a TCP/IP protocol. This way the difficulty of dealing with the hardware is managed by the M2M software. This procedure allows basic operations (reset encoder, start, stop acquisition, save file) and more complex ones; the number of functions is huge (200+) and almost every parameter can be changed remotely (gates, gain, alarms, triggers, TCG…). Data can be retrieved in real-time through a dedicated DATA server.

The SDK is the option for integrators who are looking to quickly develop solutions.



- Full control of the Multi2000 Software (Remote server) : Gain, TCG, gates, alarms, coders, etc. can be managed in real time

- Real-time data retrieval (Data server) : A, B, Cscans can be retreived

- Language / OS / PC independent

- Very limited hardware knowledge: same program for all M2M hardware's architectures (from 16x64 to 1024 channels)

- Support



Tube inspection_ PA with M2M_ Mannesmann Vallourec 01.2010 (2)

Tube inspection ©KARL DEUTSCH





M2M phased-array boards are accessible to Original Equipment Manufacturers for integration into third-party systems. Phased-array boards for 8x32 and 16x64 multiplexed configurations are available as well as full-parallel architectures 32x32 and 64x64.

When purchasing these M2M hardware (boards or packaged boxes), the dynamic-link libraries (dlls) are provided. They allow accessing and modifying any parameters but require a deep knowledge of M2M hardware architecture. This concept is perfect for integrators targeting large markets (15+ systems). M2M boards have already been successfully incorporated into products that range from portable handheld systems to robot-controlled in-line applications.


With up to 64 channels, these fully parallel architecture boards offer high performance at an affordable cost to OEM for integration into third-party systems.



8x32, 8x32 v.2 and 16x64 phased-array boards, are multiplexed configurations available to OEM for integration into third-party systems.



Smart U32
Phased-array instrument ©TESTIA


Smart U32
Thickness inspection ©TESTIA