Acquisition of the Full Matrix Capture (FMC) data for post-processing

By Frédéric REVERDY, Business Development Manager in M2M

While both the Gekko and the Mantis were developed for the field, the new version of the Capture software allows to save the Full Matrix Capture data for offline analysis. It can be interesting to re-process the TFM image to change the position of the TFM box, to change the resolution of the image or the mode of reconstruction for example. It can also be interesting to companies for their own R&D developments. Since the last version of the Gekko software (2.1), it is now possible to save the FMC data with the TFM. It comes standard with the software. In the following video, we show two examples of using the FMC data: an Excel routine and a Python TFM calculation. For CIVA and CIVA Analysis users, a patch will be released very soon to allow re-processing the FMC data.

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