CAPTURE (Gekko and Mantis software) 2.1 version release

By Frédéric REVERDY, Business Development Manager in M2M

The new version of the Capture software (Gekko and Mantis software) was released. It brings new features and improvements required by users :
– On-board compound scanning focal laws calculator usable for all focusing options and all probes including DLA and DMA. Three modes are available (coarse, standard and fine) to choose the angular resolution of the Compound scan.
– Manual increment/decrement mode for 1-axis scanner
– FMC recording for post-processing in CIVA Analysis or customer’s own software. FMC button in acquisition.
– Cursor management enhancements (double click, mechanical wheel in inspection…)
– Gain/dynamic management optimizations
– Global ergonomics improvements (mouse scroll wheel, keyboard up down keys, windows optimization…)

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