Bearing Ring Testing

©KD Zone without defects, Sound path approx 120 mm   Zone with 0.5 mm FBH (depth 0.5 mm) on flat back wall Indication of 0.5 mm FBH near curved back […]

PMMA inspection

This video shows an electronic scanning of a PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate also called acrylic glass) plate using the flaw detector GEKKO, a 5 Mhz probe by Imasonic and the Bras […]

Composites inspection

COMPOSITE INSPECTION USING A 3-AXIS ENCODED SCANNER   GEKKO is the only portable unit compatible with 3-axis scanners making it possible to use with mouse type scanner for very fast […]

Aircraft component inspection

Effect of the aperture on the SNR Let’s look at the detection of a fatigue crack (roughly a triangular shape 2-mm side) initiated at the borehole of a titanium beta […]