M2M, part of Eddyfi Technologies, is a renowned developer and manufacturer of phased-array ultrasonic instrumentations for nondestructive testing (NDT) since 2003.
M2M has become, over recent years, the reference in high-end portable PAUT flaw detectors with real-time total focusing method (TFM) and hot, new products such as Gekko™ and Mantis™.

M2M offers a range of products from massively parallel systems to portable systems. M2M systems use the latest advances in phased-array technology, and are used globally by NDT operators as well as integrators and laboratories for the oil and gas, aerospace, power generation, steel and automotive industries. M2M systems meet industrial requirements for inspection (production, inline inspection and maintenance). M2M systems come with cutting-edge functionalities like advanced ultrasound imaging, Total Focusing Method (TFM), Surface Adapting Ultrasound (SAUL), Ultra-fast parallel inspections, and smart flexible arrays to meet industrial requirements (production and maintenance). Complete packaged solutions are proposed to customers with probes and scanners, and to ensure perfect support and training services for M2M products, the team runs courses or in partnership with international training centers. M2M focuses on innovation to develop tomorrow's technologies and to keep on satisfying its customers. More than 1200 systems have been deployed in 25 countries for production, maintenance operations and in-site inspection.
The complete product range can be found in the products section.

M2M is a team of more than 55 highly-qualified people with skills in nondestructive testing, electronics and software engineering.