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This customer support website is dedicated to M2M products users to download drivers, manuals, & other resources, get return & warranty procedures and find sales & support contacts for specific products.


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M2M offers training on phased-array technology allowing:
- To acquire the basic principles of ultrasound phased-array technology,
- To master the basic inspection of linear scan and sector scan,
- To master innovative techniques such as the TFM,
- To be able to calibrate the material
- To be able to use phased-array electronics related to your field of activity (industrial range or portable range).


For any training request please contact our sales department using or +33 160 923 965.

SAV / Repair

If your equipment is down, or if you simply have a question about how works your device, M2M technicians are at your disposal to find a solution to your problem.
If you wish to reach the SAV technicians, please use one of these ways :

-by email:

-by phone:  +33 160 923 965

-throught Customer Support website


Need a calibration for your instrumentation?

Please contact the team using or call +33 160 923 965.