GEKKO has molted


M2M, introduces the latest release of GEKKO 2.0. It improves productivity and ergonomics while keeping up with innovations in PAUT and TFM. M2M also includes in this release hardware and software features requested by NDT inspectors in the field.

In addition to its updated front face, GEKKO 2.0 now has a clickable scroll wheel to complement the touch screen. Also available a more sensitive and multi-touch screen for better usage even under the harshest conditions of inspection. A faster 64-bit multi-core processor is now embedded for better fluidness and processing power.

The added software features are:

- TCG for the Total Focusing Method (TFM)
- Synchronized gates
- Full-screen analysis
- Cursors enhancement
- TOFD linearization
- Corrected C-Scans
- Easier focal laws settings
- Soft-gate during analysis