M2M has recently become a brand of Eddyfi Technologies. M2M is a renowned developer and manufacturer of phased-array Ultrasonic instrumentations for nondestructive testing (NDT).

M2M has become, over recent years, the reference in high-end portable PAUT flaw detectors with real-time total focusing method (TFM) and hot, new products such as GEKKO™ and MANTIS™.

M2M is innovating for NDT operators and reinforces its range of field equipment with MANTIS, a compact, powerful and cost-effective flaw detector.

M2M systems use the latest advances in phased-array technology, and are used globally by NDT operators as well as integrators and laboratories for the oil and gas, aerospace, power generation, steel and automotive industries. M2M systems meet industrial requirements for inspection (production, inline inspection and maintenance).



Eddyfi Technologies is the Reference in Advanced NDT Technologies.

Active in many industries and markets such as nuclear, power generation, oil & gas, and mining, Eddyfi Technologies maximizes the potential of several advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) technology solutions. Eddyfi Technologies focuses on offering high-performance NDT solutions for the inspection of critical assets and components through its strong, complementary brands: Eddyfi, M2M, Silverwing, Teletest and TSC. Eddyfi Technologies serves customers in more than 80 countries with 9 offices around the globe, all staffed by NDT experts.