Multi2000 version 8.0


Multi2000 version 8.0 is compatible with 64-bit operating systems up to windows 8 and contains many features. Among these main upgrades:

  • Full compatibility with CIVA 2015
  • New and powerful analysis tool: CIVA Analysis
  • New GUI for Parallel firing
  • Matrix probe handling
  • TOFD improvements

 New-multi2000-v8 Austenitic-steel-bloc


High speed composite inspection

A carbon epoxy plate is inspected with a MultiX++64 system monitored by the new Multi2000 V8 version. Thanks to the parallel architecture of the MultiX++, 2 beams are shot in parallel with a 64-element probe. A substantial improvement (x2) of the inspection speed up to 400mm/s has been obtained with a pixel resolution of 0.5x0.5mm, including full A-Scan storage. Compared to a regular linear scan, the inspection time is divided by 2. For a 128-element probe with 3 to 4 sub-apertures fired in parallel, the inspection time can potentially be divided by 3 to almost 4 with no compromise on the resolution.

Post processing, analysis and 3D visualization of defects in the analysis tool, CIVA Analysis, are shown below:



Austenitic steel PWR with Double V weld

This inspection below is carried out using a TRL matrix probe (1.5 MHz) driven by a MultiX++ system.

CNI 23 (China) Austenitic steel PWR with Double V weld

Austenitic 316L welded coupon
Maquette en 316L comportant un joint soudé

CNI 23 (China) Austenitic steel PWR with Double V weld

Acquisition with M2M sofware
Acquisition avec le logiciel Multi2000

Integrated analysis tool (CIVA Analysis) and 3D data visualization:

Austenitic steel PWR with Double V wel_dTRL matrix probe (1.5 MHz)

Indication analysis and indication table is shown below. Excel export of the indication table is handled by the analysis tool, and a report can also be created in html format.