New standard ISO 18563-1:2015


M2M ready for phased-array new standard ISO 18563-1:2015

M2M, Les Ulis, June 29th 2015 – Since June 2015, a new standard for the characterization and checking of ultrasonic phased-array equipment took effect: the ISO 18563-1:2015 standard. M2M is proud to inform you that new devices calibration and annual calibration are now conducted according to this new standard.

The specific procedures for phased-array measurements are presented and detailed below:
* A visual inspection of all the casing components with cleaning of the inside and outside during periodic check ups.
* Measurement of the rise time, width and amplitude of the electric pulses to check the quality of the emitters.
* Measurement of the time base linearity for the emitters and receivers to validate the time delays applied to each channel and thus, the delay laws.
* Bandwidth measurement to guarantee the frequency range of M2M equipment.
* Comparison of the channel amplitudes to certify minimum dispersion between the receivers.
* Noise measurement to ensure negligible electromagnetic perturbation compared to the working environment.
* Linearity measurements for the gain and vertical display to ensure the amplification level of the signals.

As imposed by this standard, all these measurements are performed for all the emitters and receivers of M2M systems. All these measurements are part of the periodic tests – group 2 of the ISO 18563-
1:2015 standard. M2M also apply, on demand, the AITM6-0016 Issue 5 method 1 in P.E. standard dedicated to the aeronautic industry for which we measure the reverberation and the temporal

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M2M develops, manufactures and sells phased-array systems for non-destructive testing (NDT), using ultrasounds (UT). In 10 years, M2M has developed products for NDT ranging from massively-parallel systems (256+ channels), to portable systems. The new system GEKKO, is the first and only phased-array portable device with 64 parallel channels fueled with CIVA and offering standard and advanced PAUT, management of matrix arrays, and real-time Total Focusing Method. M2M systems use the latest advances in phased-array technology with the integrated CIVA simulation software, developed by CEA (The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) and are meant for worldwide integrators as well as all NDT operators and laboratories in aerospace-, steel-, oil and gas-, power generation- and automotive industry. M2M systems meet industrial requirements for inspection (production, inline inspection and maintenance). M2M is a growing company with three subsidiaries (Brazil, China, USA) and more than 45 highly qualified people in non-destructive testing, electronics and software engineering. More information on


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