M2M offers a wide range of systems to meet various customer's needs. From inline to portable systems, M2M offers modular and versatile products, ranging from massively-parallel systems (256+ channels), to portable systems. These equipments allow advanced detection and high-resolution imaging.


M2M provides two types of portable instruments.

The flaw detector GEKKO with its integrated touch screen offers all the standard features of a portable phased-array system and features of its own such as real-time TFM, nozzle inspection, 3-axis encoders, full 64-element parallel architecture.

The flaw detector MANTIS is a 16:64PR portable phased-array ultrasonic instrument from M2M. In line with GEKKO, this lightweight and compact equipment provides PAUT, PE, TOFD and TFM.

Both GEKKO and MANTIS are driven by the same software streamlined named CAPTURE, that ensures full compatibility of the configuration and inspection files.


These systems are developed for the production environment where productivity and reliability are the key factors. Widely used by integrators to propose complete solutions to customers, these systems offers high speed and resolution inspection performances. Combined with an easy to use Software Development Kit (SDK) these equipments are above all the perfect candidates for any customer who wants to develop an integrated inspection solution.

& Desktop

Any of the Multi2000 and Multix++ systems are provided with M2M state-of-the-art software called Multi2000-sw. Powered by the latest version of CIVA, customers can configure the most complex inspection configurations. From simple components (plate, pipe, elbow, 2.5D...) to more complex (nozzle, full 3D...), Multi2000-sw allows calculating delay laws for any phased-array probes (linear, matrix, dual, sparse...). Powerful tools are provided to display and analyze data. Multi2000-sw files are fully compatible with data analysis software such as CIVA Analysis and Ultis/NDT Kit.


M2M phased-array boards are accessible to Original Equipment Manufacturers for integration into third-party systems. Both boards and dynamic-link libraries (dll) are available. These boards are perfect for customer who want to develop entirely their ultrasonic solution.


M2M offers packaged solutions with probes, wedges and scanners for a wide range of applications. Visit the Solutions page.