M2M MULTI2000 Pocket


The M2M Multi2000 Pocket is a small and lightweight equipment working in addition to a laptop. Highly portable equipment, Multi2000 Pocket is available in 16x64 configuration. The rugged box is ideal for industrial non destructive testing for example.



acquisition acquisition trigger on event (threshold, echo, etc.), acquisition on user-specified trigger (e.g., time, coder)

choice of data (e.g., RF, peaks, elementary A-Scan), real-time imaging, user-specified configuration

public file format for parameters (XML) and data (binary), max. data flow 30 MB/s

phased-array custom focusing, electronic scanning, sectorial scanning, DDF

inspection modes: pulse-echo and transmit-receive modes

fast multiplexing, corrected images (e.g., sectorial B-Scan, C-Scan)

pulsers adjustable voltage: 10 to 80V with 1V step, negative rectangular pulse

adjustable width: 30 ns to 625 ns, step of 2.5 ns, rise time < 10 ns (80V, 50 Ω), max. PRF: 30 KHz

receivers bandwidth: 0.8 to 20MHz, adjustable gain on each channel from 0 to 80 dB

adjustable analog DAC on 50 dB (max. 40 dB/µs) synchronized on events

cross-talk between two channels > 50 dB, max. input signal amplitude: 0.8 Vpp

digitizer max. sampling frequency: 100 MHz (adjustable from 100 MHz to 6.6 MHz), range : 10 bits

input impedance: 50 Ω, global delay: 0 up to 1.6 ms, step of 10 ns

delay-laws at transmission/reception: 0 to 20 µs, step of 2.5 ns

digitizing depth: up to 50,000 samples (8,000 samples max. per elementary channel)

embedded processors FPGA on CPU-board
hardware configuration Standard box Rugged box
Multiplexed architecture: 16x64 * Multiple device capability

IP 50   -   Fanless

Operating temperature : -10°C > 50°C | 14°F > 122°F

NDT simulation CIVA subset into Multi2000 software, complete description of the inspection configuration

focal-laws and associated ultrasonic field computation

compatibility CIVA, NDT kit / ULTIS
platform Windows-based PC, USB2 link between Hardware and PC (desktop or laptop)
dimensions Standard box Rugged box
L x W x H: 212mm x 145mm x 70mm - Weight: ~1,3kg (battery included) L x W x H: 200mm x 150mm x 100mm - Weight: ~2,6kg
I-O 1 Hypertronix connectors, 3 encoders input, 1 external trigger

1 USB2, 2 LEMO connectors (type 00)

External power supply input

Performance may be reduced depending on the settings.
* A 8x32 version, co-developed with Airbus Group, also exists.

Multi2000 Pocket 16x64_Composites inspection_