Encoder signal generator based on real position  information coming from TCP/IP Ethernet connection.
Ideal box to make the link between robot and NDT system for scanning.




function Generate real time dynamic quadrature encoder signals from TCP/IP frame generated by external device

(Robot, PLC, PC).

Useful for dynamic acquisition with robot or gantry, PLC when no encoder available.

Machine simulation by software.

encoders 8 encoder output (X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz, path, increment).

Output to be powered by external device.

performance Max TCP/IP frames frequency up to 125 Hz. TBC Eric B
embedded processors FPGA on board
general characteristics IP 50


Operating temperature: 0°C > 45°C

L x W x H: 238mm x 235mm x 63mm

Weight: 1,4kg

I-O 2x external encoder input (Sub D-25)

RJ45 Ethernet input

DC Power supply input (external AC / DC adapter).


Performance may be reduced depending on the settings.