TCG for TFM using an angled wedge in GEKKO

By Frédéric REVERDY, Business Development Manager in M2M

Following a question that has been asked in a previous post, about the use of TCG for TFM using an angled wedge, here is an example of a TCG for TFM with a T55 wedge and 5L64 probe. We perform again two TFM acquisitions, one without a TCG (top) and another one with (TCG). The TFM zone is 26 x 30mm to have the top three holes. On the left you can see a snapshot during the acquisition process for the TCG. We move the probe slowly to acquire the response of the three holes across all columns of the TFM. For that particular snapshot, we have already moved above the first hole and are in the middle of acquiring the response for the 2nd and 3rd holes. When the acquisition is over meaning we have obtained the response for the 3 holes across the entire image, we positioned three gates (visible here in white, green and red) across the TFM image. Then GEKKO calculates the compensation to apply to all the columns and three depths. Without TCG there is a 15 dB difference between the top hole and the third one. After applying TCG we have less than a 1 dB.

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