Analysis capabilities

mixed mode -M2M systems include standard analysis capabilities, including the ability to calculate and display raw A-scans, B-scans, and C-scans and a large variety of computed images (Escans, Sscans, Corrected Cscans, FFT's...). Using CIVA beam-computation software that is included in all our phased-array systems, it is possible to simulate and visualize the ultrasonic beam that will be generated.

Real-time C-scan, B-scan  and A-scan images obtained using a M2M system and an Imasonic linear array (64 elements@5MHz). The images can be directly analysed with CIVA analysis module .

Proprietary advanced signal processing can be customised and applied on the acquired data : the measured signals are stored in a non-proprietary format, and are easily accessed using the API functions and JAVA code provided. M2M also has expertise in the design of user interfaces.




Nuclear Application: Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR)
Austenitic weld inspection with Double V weld using TRL matrix probe of 1.5 MHz.

CNI 23 (China)    Austenitic steel PWR with Double V weld

Nuclear Application Multi2000 (Pressurized Water Reactor -  Austenitic weld inspection)

Analysis in Multi2000 software