Welds are often critical parts to inspect. They are subject to huge constrains and have to be inspected with NDT techniques.

Phased-array technologies provide a wide range of solutions for in-line weld inspections and in-service weld inspection.


  • Increase adaptability: multi-group techniques with standard PA probes, DMA probes, TOFD, and conventional UT.
  • Increase productivity: calibration tools are powerful assets to gain time. User-friendly Capture software will guide you with no equivalent.
  • Increase power: inspect thicker welds with 64 channels.
  • Increase reliability and productivity: 20kHz PRF allows to map very fast with a single pass.


Multi-groups technique

With TOFD and two Phased Array probes and scanner,  GEKKO provides complete solution.

Easy interpretation

Corrected S-scan offers better understanding of the signals for the user and the final customer (report)

Defects displayed inside the 3D view thanks to Enlight Software


After rebound

Enlight Software

Calibration tools

Calibration tools are found reliable, easy to use and very fast.

Deep focusing for thick welds

Thanks to it 64 elements the Gekko can focus the ultrasonic beam much farther and thus inspect thicker welds.

For example, using a 2,25Mhz probe with a rexolite wedge :

32 elements can focus up to 20mm in steel*
64 elements can focus up to 120mm in steel*
* Depends on many parameters like the material type, the probe design ...

Small cracks can still be characterized at large depths. In the example (right) a 3-mm crack was found in the weld of a nozzle with a thickness of 121mm.

Unparalleled speed control

At 20 kHz PRF, the scanning speed can be faster than competition.

Coarse gain : Austenitic welds

Capture software handles DMA probes.

Ultrasonic inspection of austenitic welds is qualified for in-service inspection since beginning of 2000’s. Implementation of the solution based on the GEKKO associated to DMA probe makes work easier and faster.

Gekko for a special inspection utilizing DMA PAUT and TFM. The material is carbon steel with a single v inconel 625 butter.

Austenitic welds