FMC data analysis with the Gekko and CIVA Analysis zh

By Frederic Reverdy, M2M Product Sales Specialist at Eddyfi Technologies

FMC data analysis with the Gekko and CIVA Analysis The Gekko and the Mantis are portable phased-array units that offer real-time TFM for field operations. Here we show another feature available for both systems, which is the possibility to save and export the Full Matrix Capture signals. This tool is interesting for laboratories and R&D teams to post-process and analyze data or to develop new algorithms. We illustrate this feature by acquiring the FMC data over a IIW block. We process the data directly on the SSD hard drive of the Gekko using a laptop with CIVA Analysis connected to the Gekko Ethernet port. We calculate one-million pixel TFM images for two modes, TT and TTT, and their combination in the 3D component of the mockup. By combining the Gekko or Mantis with CIVA Analysis it is possible to process FMC data to calculate TFM images: - in the 3D CAD file of a component - with signal processing if desired - with multiple modes simultaneously - with as many pixels as desired For laboratories, it is possible to have access to the data as CSV files. The following link shows an example of CSV export and Python calculation:



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